Work experience

Core Developer @PrestaShop

SEP 2016 - FEB 2017 / 6 months

Development of PrestaShop's e-commerce platform
Development of PrestaShop's native modules
Management of the community contributions

Teaching Assistant @Webacadémie

JUL 2016 / 1 month

Teaching of basic static web programming (HTML / CSS)
Teaching of basic dynamic web programming (PHP / MySQL)
Teaching of basic CMS usage (WordPress)
Support and evaluation of about 50 ISEG Paris' students

Software Engineer @General Electric Healthcare

APR 2015 - AUG 2015 / 5 months

Development of a Web Interface test framework (Java, Selenium, TestNg)
Development & creation of test suites
Management of 6 remote developpers

Teaching Assistant @Epitech

FEB 2014 - FEB 2015 / 1 year and 1 month

Development of a quiz management application (Ruby On Rails)
Development of Redmine plugins to simplify staff organisation and student management (Ruby On Rails)
Maintenance of Epitech Strasbourg's IT infrastructure (Linux)
Support and evaluation of about 50 Epitech Strasbourg's students

Web Developer @France Création

JUL 2013 - DEC 2013 / 6 months

Development and maintenance of an ERP for medical companies (Ruby On Rails)
Development of a support ticket system (PHP)

Social networks


Computer Engineering @CSU Long Beach

JAN 2016 - MAY 2016 / 5 months

Second semester of my exchange program, the Computer Engineering cursus allowed me to expand my skills in software architecture, android application development and Windows development.
Here are the main subjects I studied :

  • 406 : Topics Computer Science: Information Visualization
  • 475 : Application Programming Using .NET
  • 445 : Software Design and Architecture
  • 453 : Mobile Application Development

American Language Institute @CSU Long Beach

OCT 2015 - DEC 2015 / 3 months

First semester of my exchange program, the American Language Institude is an intensive program that aims at deepening the student's knowledge of the American culture and language.
Here are the main subjects I studied :

  • Public Speaking and Pronunciation
  • English for Career Development
  • Technical English

Master's Degree in Information Technology @Epitech

2013 - 2017 / 5 years

Epitech is a French IT School which delivers a Master Degree in Information Technology after 5 years.
Here are the main subjects I studied :

  • Android application development (Java)
  • Video games development (C/C++)
  • Object Oriented Programming (C++, C#, Java)
  • Functional Programming (Ocaml)
  • ASM (x86_64)
  • Sorting algorithms
  • Path Finding algorithms
  • Parsing algorithms
  • UML